Katey was your typical teen girl from the Midwestern suburbs, a cute brunette with long wavy hair, medium sized tits, and a curvy round ass. She was very excited about starting college and getting out of the small, conservative town she grew up in. Her parents were quite concerned about what the collegiate environment would do to the character and value system of their precious little girl, but they knew she had to enter the world eventually. They knew Katey would be tempted into debauchery by college boys, they just underestimated the threat to Katy’s virtue posed by college girls.

Katy got settled in her dorm room, then met her new roommate, Rose. Rose was the picture of normal American teenage girldom. A blond, modestly dressed, a young girl who was a fellow freshman. Katy and Rose got along very well and became fast friends. The two girls talked for hours and hours at a time as they shared stories from their conservative suburban upbringings, and they couldn’t believe how similar they were. Rose told Katy that she always felt that her parents were constantly trying to contain her sexuality. Katy replied that she felt the same way about her own parents. Rose then entered some very dangerous territory, but she felt comfortable enough to do so. Rose asked Katy if she’d ever fantasized about being with another girl. Katy’s eyes opened wide and went silent for a moment. After a long pause, the pretty teen admitted to her new friend that she had often thought about being with a girl. Rose stood up and took off her shirt, then got onto Katy’s bed right next to her. Katy was very quiet, looking into Roses’ eyes with a good bit of fear, but also excitement.

Rose placed her hand underneath Katy’s t-shirt and began to fondle the teenagers pert tits. Katy began to squirm and moan. She couldn’t believe how electric Roses touch was against her skin. She realized that her pussy was beginning to get seriously wet. She felt tingles all throughout her groin area, and her pussy began to throb. Rose gently removed Katy’s shirt and began to suck on her now erect nipples. Katy’s moans grew and grew until she was quieted by Roses’ lips on her mouth. The two teen girls kissed deeply and fondled each other as they made out.

Rose took the initiative and motioned for Katy to lift her hips so that she could remove her pants. Katy obliged and soon the two girls were completely naked on the bed together. Rose worked her way down to Katy’s pussy and then began to eat the now shaking girl. Katy willingly spread her legs to allow her new friend and lover into her teenage treasure chest. As soon as she first felt Roses tongue on her pussy, Katy felt the surge of pleasure rush through her body. She came instantly like she had never cum before. Rose kept eating her coed pal and continued to deliver orgasms for the excited girl.

After several orgasms, Katy slipped off into sleep, clearly exhausted by the erotic overload of her first girl/girl college adventure. Rose sat there looking at her sleeping roommate for a couple minutes imagining the fun the two of them would have over the course of the next few years. Tomorrow, she thought to herself, would be Katy’s turn to eat her to sleep.